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"The choreography was very clever. Even as we are laughing with recognition at their troubles, the dancers break our hearts with their very emotional portrayal of these characteres"

Karen Shapiro
(Dance Reviews) 2011
115 Minna st Brooklyn, NY 11218
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Ursula verduzco
Brian Norris
Benjamin Briones
"Here, normal lovers lashings rise to art"

Lori Ortiz
(Reading Dance) 2011
"The audience can’t stop laughing from beginning to end as the guys’
bro-mance over bongo drums"

Sasha Deveaux
(iDANZ Critix Corner) 2009
"Go BBB… this is a company with great storylines and hopefully staying power".

Sasha Deveaux
(iDANZ Critix Corner) 2009
"Fresca composizione coreografica sulla vita quotidiana degli adolescenti"

Tonia Barone
(Oltrecultura) 2008
"Benjamin Briones bold venture......"

Lori Ortiz
(Dance Magazine) 2008
"Just Getting There"… was a pas de deux in which the theme of yearning for something better seemed to be featured.

Nadine Levi
(Forum Artistico) 2009
"(dancers move) through beautiful partnering..."
Sasha Deveaux
(iDANZ Critix Corner) 2009